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6 Myths About Winter and Your Pet

The winter months bring forth the holidays, family gatherings, wholesome foods and…icy weather conditions. Gone are the long days spent outside playing fetch with Fido, and gone are the warm evenings that Fluffy could be left out to go on the prowl. In the winter, pet owners should take extra caution to make sure their […]

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Puppy Training Tips for Train Your Dog Month

This January marks the 7th annual Train Your Dog month! Whether people have added a new puppy to the brood that needs housetraining, or have an old dog that wants to learn some new tricks, dog owners everywhere are brushing up on their obedience training skills. We’ve decided to provide some puppy training tips, just […]

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Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Party with Pets

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and celebrate the year that’s passed. They’re a time for joy, a time for giving, and sadly, often a time for stress. As anyone who’s ever hosted a holiday party knows, sometimes the spirit of the season induces hassle instead of happiness. All […]

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7 Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time for the festivities to begin! You could be traveling, having family over to you house, hosting parties or be in the middle of decorating your living room. The holidays are a time for fun and good cheer, and you should celebrate […]

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