Rabbit Care 101

Housing Indoor housing is essential. Domestic rabbits can die from heart attacks at the very approach of a predator. Other outdoor concerns: fleas (anemia, West Nile virus), ticks, and fly strike. Wire flooring can cause and/or exacerbate hock problems, which can become serious enough to require amputation. Use ordinary cat or dog cages, or cover […]

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Feline Leukemia

What is Feline Leukemia? Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is one of the most common and destructive of all cat viruses. It is highly contagious and is spread primarily by saliva during cat fights, grooming or mating. The virus is also spread by blood, urine and feces. Kittens may become infected while still in the womb, […]

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Tips to Comfort Pets with Separation Anxiety

Big changes in routine, like the transition from summer break to the school year in the fall, can cause separation anxiety in dogs and cats. Separation anxiety is a common behavior disorder affecting dogs worldwide. Twenty to 40 percent of dogs presented to veterinary behavioral specialists suffer from this disorder. Dogs with separation anxiety often […]

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Does My Pet Have Allergies?

Pets that scratch excessively may be allergic to something. Some pets are affected at certain times of the year, while others have problems all year. What are the allergens that affect our pets? Although there are many causes of itchy skin in pets, there are three main types of allergic skin disease: parasitic, such as […]

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Pet Insurance

The benefit of pet insurance is the same as any other type of insurance: if something happens that you weren’t planning on, you’ll have help paying for unexpected costs required to address the medical problem or condition. If your pet has an accident or comes down with a sudden illness, your insurance plan will help […]

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Bringing Home your New Kitten

A new kitten in the house is always a fun and engaging time. It also comes with some responsibilities as well. It is good to know the basics on training, nutrition, and health care, whether you are thinking about adopting or just obtained one. Kitten preventive care is not at all complicated and can help […]

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Summer at the Beach with Our Pets

Everyone loves to be at the beach, particularly with our dogs. There can be more threats and hazards on the beach than many pet owners realize, but there are easy ways to keep your pet safe as you both enjoy the outing. Before your beach trip Check with your local beaches before you pack up […]

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