Pet Insurance

The benefit of pet insurance is the same as any other type of insurance: if something happens that you weren’t planning on, you’ll have help paying for unexpected costs required to address the medical problem or condition. If your pet has an accident or comes down with a sudden illness, your insurance plan will help […]

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Bringing Home your New Kitten

A new kitten in the house is always a fun and engaging time. It also comes with some responsibilities as well. It is good to know the basics on training, nutrition, and health care, whether you are thinking about adopting or just obtained one. Kitten preventive care is not at all complicated and can help […]

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Summer at the Beach with Our Pets

Everyone loves to be at the beach, particularly with our dogs. There can be more threats and hazards on the beach than many pet owners realize, but there are easy ways to keep your pet safe as you both enjoy the outing. Before your beach trip Check with your local beaches before you pack up […]

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Dog Storm Anxiety

Is your dog afraid of thunder? Storm Anxiety can develop in dogs between ages two and four. As your dog grows older, storm anxiety can evolve into hiding, whining, scratching, slobbering or sheer panic. No worries. Your dog may be displaying symptoms of dog storm anxiety. Dogs cannot express their fears in words, and so […]

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Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and because accidents can happen at any time with our pets, keeping an emergency first aid kit around and knowing how to perform CPR on your pet is always useful. Being prepared until you reach your veterinarian can help ensure the safety and health of your pet. Whether […]

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Exotic Pet Spotlight: Caring for Bearded Dragons

The bearded dragon (also known as the dragon) is found naturally in Australia, but bearded dragons are kept as exotic pets in many places all around the world. Bearded dragons are commonly available at stores, reptile expos and breeders’ websites. Captive-bred specimens are highly recommended because they are usually healthier and more acclimated to captivity […]

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Benefits of Laser Therapy for Dogs

Although laser therapy has been available for 40 years, evidence to support its use for alleviating pain and accelerating healing has only recently emerged. As more studies have been carried out, interest in therapeutic laser for treating various conditions has grown dramatically.  Many other health issues have also responded positively to laser therapy. Therapeutic laser […]

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