4 Ways To Prevent Dog Bites

Have you ever met someone who is afraid of dogs? If you have, they probably told you a story from childhood about why they are afraid of the big, furry pets that most of us like to call our friends. If someone as a child is attacked or bitten by an untrained or aggressive animal, […]

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Should I Microchip My Pet?

Up to 8 million pets end up in shelters each year and only 15-20% of dogs and less than 2% of cats are estimated to be reclaimed by their owners. Microchipping your pet is a simple, pretty inexpensive and mostly painless procedure. Most vets charge around $50 but, to have your pet safely identifiable should […]

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Should You Neuter Your Male Dog or Cat?

Do you have a male dog or cat? Well, owning a male pet is a big responsibility and comes with a fair share of fun and excitement. Sometimes the same pet who brings so much joy to your life can also bring some interesting behavior issues to the table when it comes to his testosterone! […]

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Is It Safe To Buy Pet Medications Online?

E-commerce is a wonderful thing. Amazing deals, fabulous variety, and all kinds of unique, special things can be found online with just the click of a mouse! But, while it is great, there are some unfortunate places on the world wide web of commerce where unscrupulous activity occurs. What kind of unscrupulous activity you might […]

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Deworming Vs. the Use of Heartworm Pills

First, before we can chat about what deworming is versus giving your dog heartworm pills, we need to talk about what the two types of parasites are which your pets might have to fight against! There are some parasites that your pet might ingest from poking around at an old dead fowl or from getting […]

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